Solis Shirt – Dark Grey

Another very cool Solis shirt! This dark grey shirt has the Solis print in the center and is wrapped

Grapefruit Solis Shirt – Black

Our most popular beer, Grapefruit Solis, has another awesome shirt for you to sport!


Claritas Shirt – Red

Our World Beer Cup Gold medal winning beer is available for you to sport! The Claritas Kölsch shirt


These Mike Hess Brewing branded hoodies are available in 2 colors (black and navy blue).


Claritas Phoenix Can Glass

The Phoenix is featured on our can-style glass representing our beloved Claritas Kolsch. This 16 oz, screen

Grapefruit Solis Bear Can Glass
Head straight to the beach for our Orange Honey Wheat beer, 8 West.
459 Little IPA Can Glass

This glass features Cronos and the shield logo on the reverse side. 16 oz glass.

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