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  • Steel Beach 6-Pack

    Lager 4.5% ABV 21 IBU

  • Hop Cloud 6-Pack

    Hazy IPA 7% 45 IBU

  • Grapefruit Solis 6-Pack

    IPA 7.5% 60 IBU

  • Mandatory Fun 6-Pack

    Douple IPA 8.5% 90 IBU

  • Into the Sunset 6-Pack

    IPA 6.5% 80 IBU

  • Solis West Coast IPA 6-Pack

    IPA 7.5% 85 IBU

  • Grazias 6-Pack

    American Amber/Red 6.3 % 30 IBU

  • Claritas 6-Pack

    Kölsch 5.8% ABV 28 IBU
    Our 2016 World Beer Cup winning Kölsch Ale. Refreshingly smooth.

  • Hard Seltzer FreeFlow Lemon Lavender 6-Pack

    Hard seltzer 5% ABV

  • Hard Seltzer FreeFlow Cucumber Crisp 6-Pack

    Hard Seltzer 5% ABV

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