30 Dec 2012

The Great Nanobrewery List: From CA to MA.

The nanobrewery “fad” has continued to grow throughout the United States. We are not at all surprised at the number of nanobreweries popping up all over – craft beer is here to stay and drink local is the clarion call. While there is not a true definition* for a nanobrewery, we are defining it as a brewery less that 3 bbls in production per batch.  If you have any further information regarding the following breweries and/or want to write up your own info email us at info@hessbrewing.com. Cheers.

Current Count: 95 in Operation – 51 in Planning.

Updates to the List: (as of Dec 2013)

To the Operational List:
Device Brewing Company – from Sacramento, CA
Bike Dog Brewing – West Sacramento, CA

To the Planning List:
Scars and Striped Brewing Co – from Waco, Texas

Wingnut Brewing – from Portland, Oregon

Operating Nanobreweries:

Ancient Lakes Brewing Co. – from Quincy, Washington
They brew on a 2/3 BBL brewhouse and hand package into 1//6th BBL Corny kegs and into 22oz bottles.

Angry Cedar Brewing Co. – from Nashville, Indiana.
Their website is under construction but it appears they are making beer.

Ambacht Brewing – from Hillsboro, Oregon
Meaning “Handmade” in Dutch this nanobrewery makes small batch beers that are all primed with honey! Tom Kramer is the brewer and is looking into a bigger system alreay.

Amplified Ale Works – from San Diego, California.
Founded by Alex Pierson & JC Hill in Pacific Beach. The 3 BBL brewhouse is maned by Cy Henley, formerly of Alpine Brewing Co & Ballast Point Brewing.

Apocalypse Brewing – from Medord, Oregon
A nano that operates on a half-barrel system and is targeting a production level of 6 barrels a month. They strive to offer five regular beer selections on tap, one rotating specialty tap, and one guest tap.

Automatic Brewing Co. – from San Diego, California
Lee Chase of Blind Lady Ale House (and many other great breweries) fame has started a brewery in the back of BLAH and is brewing on a 2 Hectoliter custom fabricated brewhouse! Sex Panther indeed.


Backstreet Restaurant and Brewery – from Guayabitos, Mexico
They brew on a 20 gallon More Beer Tippy Sculpture. Viva la MexiNano!

Baranof Island Brewing Co – from Sitka, Alaska.
Brewing up in Alaska on a 1.75 BBL system, this operation is run by Rick and Suzan.

Barhop Brewery

Barhop Brewing – from Port Angeles, Washington
Licensed since  November of 2010 and named Pacific Northwest Nano-brewery of the year in 2011, by the “Pour Fool” of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. They make aggressive northwest style ales.

Barrier Brewing Co. – from Oceanside, New York
Barrier Brewing Co. is a 1bbl brewery located in Oceanside, NY. 

Bat Creek Brewery – from Bowling Green, Missouri
Bat Creek Brewery was established in late 2008. It is owned by Jeremy Gilbert and Ryan and Heather Daffron. Their humble operation is run out of a machine shed. They have five year round brews on a smaller than one barrel brew system. 

Battenkill Brewing Co. – from Poulsbo, Washington.
The “Battenkill” barn that houses our brewery in Poulsbo, Washington is reminiscent of the Yankee Style barns that have been built throughout the Battenkill Valley and is the perfect size for either a small craft brewery or dairy milking house. We chose the brewery!

Beaver Brewing Co – from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.
They are an artisan NANO-brewery.Beaver Brewing Company has a 1.5 Barrel system that ensures that every beer is hand crafted.  Every batch is tested before it is bottled.

Beetje Brewery – from Portland, Oregon.
Beetje (\’bea-cha’\) is a Flemish word that roughly translates to “little”, or “little bit”. This brewery will live up to that notion for the foreseeable future.

Beer Engine – from Danville, Kentucky

They brew lots of small batch beers available for growler fills or tastes at the brewery.


Baeltane Brewing – from Novato, California
A start-up small-batch (3 bbl) production brewery and tasting room in Marin County and already open 7 days a week!

Bier Brewery – from Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Run by Darren, they have already implemented a sour program! That is rad.

Big Woods Brewing Co. – from Nashville, Indiana.
A pizza shop with a BrewMagic in the back. 


Bike Dog Brewing – West Sacramento, CA

Opened in October 2013 with a 3BBL system and tasting room in West Sacramento, CA

Black Husky Brewing – from Pembine, Wisconsin
They brew seven types of beer on a Brutus system. That’s about all I can garner from their website.

BlackRocks Brewery – from Marquette, Michigan

This location is built inside of an old four square house. They don’t serve food but have lots of great small batch beer on hand.


Blind Bat Brewery – from Long Island, New York
Started on a 10 gallon kettle system and has recently upgraded to a 3 barrel brew kettle. It is run by Paul Dlugokencky.

Blind Pig Co. – from Champaign, Illinois 
Brewing starts in the SW corner, with the 62 gallon English style single infusion brewhouse. From there the ‘wort’ is pumped to the fermenters, either in the NW corner or in the back room, where it 
spends several weeks. 

Boqueron Brewing Co. – from Puerto Rico.

Boxcar Brewing Company – from West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Founded in 2008 by cousins, Jason Kohser and Jamie Robinson. Boxcar began selling its Original Ale to local bars and restaurants in April of this year. The brewery was officially announced in May. It is owned and operated by Chester County residents Jason Kohser and Jamie Robinson and their wives, Kristen and Kymberly respectively.

Breakside Brewing Co. – from Portland, Oregon.
Breakside Brewery is the invention of Scott Lawrence and Tony Petraglia. Some mutual friends introduced the two after learning they both had a desire to leave their corporate jobs in order to pursue their dream of opening a brew pub. With limited knowledge, they jumped in head first and committed their minimal financial resources and made it happen.

Brewer’s Union – from Oakridge, Oregon.
The Brewers Union Local 180 brewery has been adapted from the equipment belonging to the former Hawks Brewing Co. out of Roseburg. It features a propane-fired 3 US BBL. 


Bridge and Tunnel Brewery – from Queens, New York
The brewery consists of 3 oak clad 55 gallon stainless steel kettles (HLT, MT and BK), producing 45 gallons per batch. 



Brimstone Brewing Co. – from Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada.
Jason and Rod run this 0.5BBL brewery out of the Great White North. 

Cave Mountain Brewing Co – from Windham, New York

Located in a ski town they have a nice restaurant with great deals and great nanobrewed beers.

Chappel Brewing Co – from Mariposa, California
Chappell Brewery is a small one man operation created with the help of some friends. For now I only sell tasters and bottles out of the Tasting Room Shop.

Cocoa Beach Brewing – from Cocoa Beach, Florida.
A Family owned and operated brewery and pub. They brew on a 1.5 BBL system with three 1.5 BBL stainless steel fermentors.

Community Beer Works – from Buffalo, New York
A group of seven guys working on the brewery. Our 1.5bbl brewhouse is being made as we speak now, we have a location and hope to file with the TTB by early January and, if things go well, be serving by the end of the year. We’re also looking to take the ‘community’ part of our name seriously, using local ingredients and partnering with grassroots organizations when possible.


Cooper’s Cave Ales – from Glen Falls, New York
Not only to they make handcrafted ales but they make gourmet soda and ice cream as well!

Copper Kettle Brewing Co – from Millmont, Pennsylvania
They produce around 50 BBLs per year, or at least hope to.

Corcoran Brewing Co. – from Waterford, Virginia.
They brew on a 1/2 BBL system. 


Cutter’s Brewing Co. – from Bloomington, Indiana.

A small brewery run by two longtime friends. They bottle three beers: Monon Wheat, Half Court IPA and Lost River Summer Ale.

Dads N Dudes Breweria – from Aurora, Colorado.
They are brewing twice a day, seven days a week on their Brew Magic sculpture in the back of a pizza shop!

Device Logo

Device Brewing Company – from Sacramento, CA

Brewing on 3 BBL Portland Kettle Works Brewhouse specializing in West Coast Style ales and Russian Imperial Stout

Dirty Bucket Brewing – from Woodinville, Washington.
A small brewery run by Steve, Sharon and Chris Acord that will be specializing in 4 standards and a rotating array of seasonal beers.

Draai Laag Brewing Co.  – from Millvale, Pennsylvania. 

Dunbar Brewing – from Santa Margarita, CA
Chris Chambers brews traditional Irish, Scottish and English Ales. He has a pub attached to the brewery where you can drink other beers as well.

Enegren Brewing Co – from Moorpark, California

A crew of nanobrewing captains: Chris & Matt Enegren and Joe Nascenzi. They brew on a 3 BBL system in Moorpark. Stop by and grab a pint or three!

Epic Ales Brewing – from Seattle, Washington
Located in SoDo ran by Cody Morris inside of a location previously used as a salon. He brews 1 barrel at a time.

Foggy Noggin Brewing – Bothell, Washington
Jim is brewing on a 1/2 barrel custom system.

Good Natured Brewing – from Hamilton, New York.
GNB is a nanobrewery located in Hamilton, NY. We handcraft fine-quality ales made from local hops and other fresh ingredients. 


Great South Bay Brewery – from Bay Shore, New York
Rick and Greg run this nano out of Bay Shore. 

Hank is Wiser Brewery – from Cheney, Kansas.

Brewing in the back of a pizza shop on a 3 keggle system.

Healdsburg Beer Co – from Healdsburg, California
My main man, Kevin McGee! There is more than enough wine in Healdsburg, just trying to level the playing field.

Humboldt Regeneration – from Humboldt, California

Humboldt Regeneration is a Sustainable Farmhouse Brewery which means they are working toward growing all of their own grains and hops. The barley and wheat are floor-malted on site!


Idle Hands Craft Ales – from Boston, Massachusetts.
A Boston-based nanobrewery specializing in handcrafted, Belgian inspired ale.

Keg and Barrel Brew Pub – from Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Not only did they land on Draft Magazine’s 150 best beer bars list they brew their own beer. Currently brewing on a homemade “Brutus Ten” with 30 gallon kettles all in a 120 square foot brewing area. They have two rotating taps for 26 brews yearly. The owner is John Neal and the brewer is Sam Sorrells. 

Keuka Brewing Co. – from Hammondsport, New York
Operated by Linda and Richard Musso.  It is the first Microbrewery on this breathtaking lake and the only microbrewery on the Keuka Lake wine trail. Surrounded by some of New York State’s best wineries, Keuka Brewing offers an alternate world-class epicurean experience for wary wine drinkers and beer connoisseurs alike. 

Lawsons Finest Liquids – from Warren, Vermont
Sean Lawson runs this one barrel brew system. Sean won a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup this year for his Maple Trippel.

Lefty’s Brewing Company – from Bernardston, Massachusetts.
They brew on a two barrel vessel and have 16 barrels worth of fermentation space. 

Listermanns Brewing Co. – from Cincinnati, Ohio
Appears to be a online homebrew shop that brews small batch beer as well. 

Lost River Brewing Co. – from Wardensville, West Virginia.

Manchester Brewing – from Concord, New Hampshire
Brewmaster Kevin Bloom. They haven’t updated their website since November 2009 so I am unaware if they are still operating, but let’s assume they are…

Mattingly Brewing Co. – from St. Louis, Missouri
Not sure what size system they brew on, but apparently they are a nano brew pub.

Maine Beer Co. – from Portland, Maine
Maine Beer Company is a very small micro brewery located in Portland, Maine.  They don’t concentrate on any particular style of beer and donate 1% of their sales to environmentally friendly non-profits.

Milkman Brewing – from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

A small operation made of beer lovers brought together by Chris Momberger. They are united by a common drive to make unique and intriguing beer, using hard work, the finest ingredients, and an insatiable curiosity.


Mt. Carmel Brewing Co – from Cincinnati, Ohio
Mike Dewey and his wife run this brewery… though their website is a bit hard to follow, I’ve been told they are in fact a nanobrewery.
Mt. Tabor Brewing – from Mt. Tabor, Oregon
Ran by Eric Surface and Brian Maher in the heart of the Montavilla business district he provides single barrel handcrafted ales to local restaurants.

M.T. Head Brewing Co. – from Graham, Washington.

Mother Earth Brew Co. – from Vista, California

Kamron and Daniel run this AWESOME home brew supply store and nanobrewery. They are currently on a 1.5 BBL system and make some tremendous beers. They also contract two of their beers from a local brewery.

New Boswell Brewing Co. – from Richmond, Virginia.
2.5 barrel open fire brewhouse with eight 3 bbl fermentors.

Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Co. – from Ouray, Colorado. 
They brew on a single barrel brew house. Good luck pronouncing their name!

Naked City Brewing – from Seattle, Washington
Don and Don run this three barrel DME system brewing exclusively for their Naked City Tap House.

Natian Brewing Co – from Portland, Oregon
Ian McGuinness and Natalia Laird are operating on a 1.3 BBL system while learning the ropes of the beer business. 


NW Peaks Brewing – from Seattle, Washington
NW Peaks Brewery is a” nano-brewery” located in Ballard.  They make less than one barrel of beer per batch. Instead of having a few flagship beers available at all times, we release two new beers each month. 

Oak Hills Brewing Co. – from Hisperia, California.
A tiny brewer located in Hisperia, California.

On The Tracks Brewing Co. – from Carlsbad, California.
A small family run brewery in Norther San Diego. Greg and Nicole are currently on a 1/2 BBL brew house.


Oyster House Brewing Co – from Asheville, North Carolina
They run on a 1/2 bbl Sabco Brew Magic system.


Parish Brewing Co. – from Lafayette, Louisiana.
Parish Brewing Co. was founded by Andrew Godley, an enterprising engineer who found beer fascinating.  In college at LSU he drank a lot of it.  Once a responsible adult, he decided to learn how to brew it.  This curiousity turned into a passion, which turned into extra fine beer – thus Parish Brewing Co. was born!

Piney River Brewing Co – from Bucyrus, Missouri 
Joleen and Brian Durham are renovating a 70 year-old barn in the Ozarks to house their nanobrewing facility. They are currently brewing on a 10 gallon Sabco Brew System.



Plan B Brewing – from Smithers, B.C. Canada
Mark Gillis and Glen Ingram run this nanobrewery out of the great white north. A strange brew indeed.


Red Jacket Brewing Co. – from Calumet, Michigan
They brew on a 1/2 BBL SABCO brewing system at their restaurant.

Rising Tide Brewing Co. – from Portland, Maine

Nathan Sanborn is a 90 gallon brewing operation out in Portland. They are distributing beer in 22 oz bottles throughout Southern Maine


Roth Brewing Company – from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Apparently they are very small. Hard to get any solid info from their site.

Shipyard Emporium – from Orlando, Florida. 

This is a small brew pub that is run in conjunction with Shipyard Brewing out of Portland Maine. 

Slippery Pig Brewing Co. – from Poulsbo, Washington.
From what I can gather this is a small brewery in a residential area.


Sloop Brewing – from Poughkeepsie, New York
Brewing 20 gallons at a time, they produce 4 different beers available bottle conditioned and on draft locally.

Steffan’s Aldergrove Brewery – Tulalip, Washington

This guy is brewing on a 1/3 barrel system (re: 10 gallons), but he brews five days a week to make up for it. That reminds me of Dogfish Heads early days.

Squam Brewing – from Holderness, New Hampshire.
Squam Brewery is a small, one barrel craft brewery operated out of a barn in Holderness, NH. They brew in a 55 gallon BoilerMaker kettle which They’ve retrofitted with two 5000 watt electric heating elements.  They ferment in 42 gallon stainless conicals (Blichmann Fermenators). They sell their beer exclusively in 22 ounce bottles to stores in the Lakes Region. 


Three Barrel Brewing Co. – from Del Norte, Colorado
As their name would imply they are brewing on a three barrel system.

Twisted Vine Brewing – from Des Moines, Iowa

The unpretentious little 1 barrel operation is tucked within the beautiful Madison County Winery located 
in the picturesque hills and valleys of south central Iowa.

Two Rivers Brewing Co. – from Easton, Pennsylvania.

Valholl Brewing Co. – from Poulsbo, Washington.
Looks like they are brewing on a Sabco Brew Magic Sculpture. 

Vertigo Brewing – from Hillsboro, Oregon

Brewing on a one barrel system in a warehouse. Both are named Michael. That is eerily similar to our nanobrewery operation. 

Washingtonian’s Brewing Co – from Washington, DC
Cabot Boyd brews a Belgian Tripple in the heart of DC. 

WnR Brewing – from San Diego, California.

White Birch Brewing – from Hookset, New Hampshire
Bill Herlicka runs this one barrel brewery. Each batch is bottle conditioned and aged at the brewery.

Wildcard Brewing Co. – from Redding, California
Opened in November of 2012 on a 20 gallons system, producing one regular and 4 seasonal beers. A family affair for sure.


Wild Wolf Brewing – from Nellysford, Virginia

Wit’s End Brewing – from Denver, Colorado
Slow Beer for Fast Times… We are an impossibly small Denver nanobrewery fueled by dreams and inspired by the limitless potential of craft beer…join us on our journey!


Wolf Hills Brewing – from Abingdon, Virginia
A one barrel brew system fermenting six barrels a week. You can stop by and fill up a growler if you like.
Woody’s Nanobrewery – from Reno, Nevada
Pat Wlodarczyk runs this small neighborhood nano recalling a time when brewing was done by a community or family.

Worst Brewing – from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
They are based out of South Philadelphia and brews very exclusive batches of specialty beers. It was started when three friends decided it might be fun to take some interesting twists on various beer styles and realized they weren’t the only fools who would drink it. 

Worth Brewing Co – from Northwood, Iowa
Brew on a 10 gallon Sabco system and fermenting in a 27 gallon conical.


Nanobreweries that give their beer away because they are awesome like that:
Elizabeth Street Brewing – from San Francisco, California
SlumBrew – from Somerville, Massachusetts 

Planning a Nanobrewery:
510 Brewing – from Fremont, California
Looks like they are just getting into the game up in Fremont.

BarnHouse Brewery – from Lucketts, Virginia. 

Baying Hound Ale Works. – from Rockville, Maryland
Intend on brewing about 80 BBLs per year but looking to expand.

Beltane Brewing – from Novato, California
Alan Artha is looking to have his nano up and running by mid-2011. Good luck!

Black Acre Brewing Co – from Indianapolis, Indiana.
A small batch artisan brewery and tap room starting up in downtown Indianapolis with a focus on unique, specialty beers along with a few traditional favorites.

Black Heart Brewery – from Binghamton, NewYork.
They will be brewing on a 10 gallon brutus type system.

Black Shirt Brewing Co – from Centennial, Colorado.
They are going to be making small batch beer that is everything a beer should be. Plus they are awesome!

Brickyard Brewing – from Strasburg, Ohio
They will be producing 1 barrel batches for sale in 1/6th bbl, 1/2 gallon and 22 oz bombers. 

Bucks County Brewing Co. – from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
They are looking for funds to get their dream started. “Crowd-funding” 

Cape May Brewery – from Rio Grande, New Jersey.
Ryan and Chris will be opening up Cape May in April of 2011!

Cardinal Brewing Co – from Nashville, Tennessee 
A small backyard brewery located in East Nashville. Hoping to move out of the brew shed and become Nashville’s first official nanobrewery.

Chattahoochee Brewing Co – from Phoenix City, Alabama
Planning on re-establishing a historical brewery in Russell County Alabama. For now I think he is brewing small batches.

Chino Valley Brewery – from Ontario, California.
This nano will be opening up in the near future in the Inland Empire. They definitely need more craft brews out there.

Clara St. Brewing – from San Francisco, California
Bioengineering researcher turned home brewer turned nanobrewery? Huzzah!

Cosmic Frog Brewing Company – from Buffalo, New York.
Planning a brewery in the greater Buffalo area. It looks like they have secured a location!

Country Boy Brewing  – from Lexington, Kentucky.
They will be a 1.5BBL nanobrewery and tap room.

Fountainhead Brewing Co – from Kansas City, Missouri 
The founders/brewers, Andy Robinson and Michael Ojo, have been steadily creating new and classic beers with the hope of one day opening a microbrewery and taking beer-making to a higher level.
Gilligan’s Brewing Co – Seattle, Washington

Currently a closed nanobrewery, but they are looking for a new location up in Seattle in the near future.

Hellbender Brewery – from Columbia, Missouri.
Jarrett Crader and his partner have been brewing together for a year and a half and are getting ready to launch a Kickstarter project to attain initial funding.

Hibbleton Brewing Co. – Northern Kentucky.
Still in the planning stages. Just started a website.

Hop Yard Brewing Co – from Indiana, Pennsylvania.
They grow their own hops for their small batch brew system.

Little Giant Brewery from Anna Maria, Florida
Michael Wagner is starting a tiny brewery in Florida. There can never be too many Michael’s in the brewing industry.

LouBrew – from Louisville, Kentucky
A couple of homebrewers trying to start up a nano in Louisville.

Mellody Brewing Co. – from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
Plans to operate as a 2 bbl brewery creating custom beers in draft form, with delivery via firkins or pins in a ‘real ale’ format. Core real ale offerings would include a Belgian Single or Patersbier, a Rye Brown Ale and a Maple Porter.

Naked Brewing Co – from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1.5 BBL system, located in Northeast Philadelphia, has passed its first hurdle and been approved by the TTB.  PA state liquor control board is next on the list.  Looking to distribute to local bars by late January 2012.

The New Republic Brewing from College Station, Texas
Two friends starting a nano brewery with hopes of growing into a large production brewery down in Texas. I wonder if a nanobrewery is bigger in Texas…

No Where Brewing Co – from North Shore, Massachusetts.
They will be producing a number of artisanal hand-crafter beers for north Mass.

Old Hangtown Beer Works – from Placerville, California
They do not have a website, but Michael Frenn appeared on an episode of the Brewing Network to talk about his plans.

Petaluma Hills Brewing – from Petaluma, California.
Just getting into the planning phase. Keep an eye out!

Plan 9 Brewing – Las Vegas, Nevada

A two barrel system run by Steve Howe, he will be hopefully open by September 2010.

Pipeworks Brewing – from Chicago, Illinois
The partners in crime are currently overseas (I think?) working at a belgian brewery with aspirations to open a brewery in Chicago in the near-ish future. I’m not really sure if they are going to be nano or micro-sized.

Reformation Brewing – from Atlanta, Georgia.
They will be brewing on a 1-2 BBL system in a state with a three tier law. That’ll make things a little tricky for them.

Rueben’s Brews – from Seattle, Washington
We will be brewing our award winning ales on a 3 BBL system available only through our taproom, aiming for a mid 2012 launch in Seattle. 

Rocky Point Artisan Brewers – from Long Island, New York
Three home brewers with one dream. Respect.

Santiam Brewing Co. – from Salem, Oregon.
They will be brewing on a 3 BBL system build by Stout Kettles

Short Snout Brewing Co. – Milwaulkie, Oregon.
Going to be a small brewery in the suburbs of Portland Oregon. Pug lovers too!

St. Benjamin Brewing Co – from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
A small brewery from the place which is always sunny. 
Throwback Brewing Co – from North Hampton, New Hampshire.
They will be attempting to create beers in the pre-prohibition style. 
Trillium Brewing – from Brookline, Massachusetts 
Really dedicated homebrewer who operates a great blog and has aspirations to get into the brewing world soon.

Two Kilts Brewing – from Beaverton, Oregon
They have not updated their site in a while, I hope the dream is still alive!

Two Trees Brewing Co – from Ventura, California

A small homebrewer based in Ventura, CA that has big dreams. My goal is to sell some of my handcrafted beer to local bars and restaurants. Ventura NEEDS some local breweries.

Urban Jungle Brewing – from San Diego, California.
A collection of home brewers working to get a new nanobrewery option going in San Diego!

Valiant Brewing Co  – from Lake Forrest, California.
Valiant Brewing Company is a small craft brewery planned for Orange County, California, in the Lake Forest/Mission Viejo area.

VanHouten Brewing – from Marin, California
Johnny and Creek Van Houten, a husband and wife team, are the mainstays of the operation. Johnny’s dad, Tom serves as consultant and works with Johnny to perfect recipes. Between the two of them, they have almost 20 years of homebrewing experience.

Previously a Nanobrewery: Once a nano, always a nano in my opinion!

Breaker Brewing Co – from Plains, Pennsylvania
They have five year-rounds and two seasonal brews. They have now moved on to a 4 barrel system… hardly a micro but outside of my criteria. Good luck and keep on trucking!


Craft Brewing Co – from Lake Elsinore, California
Four home brewers have opened a great looking nanobrewery and appear to be brewing on a pair of brutus-style systems.

Heater | Allen – from McMinnville, Oregon.
Rick Allen started on a tiny system and has worked his way up to a full scale brewery. Inspirational? Yes.

Schooner Exact – from Seattle, Washington

Started as a nano but have recently expanded to a 10 barrel brew system.

Seven Brides Brewing – from Silverton, Oregon
This company is named after the founder’s seven combined daughters. Since they are eventually going to have to pay for seven weddings they figure they need to make at least enough money off this project to fund them. Now they have a 16 bbl brewing system.


Two Beers Brewing – from Seattle, Washington

They moved up to a 7 bbl system. Still they have an awesome website and are really nice guys.

*I’m going to define it as any brewing system 3 barrels or less.
77 Responses to The Great Nanobrewery List: From CA to MA.
  1. So it sounds like ready from those TTB regs that any homebrewer is technically a “nanobrewery”. The only distinction being if you plan on selling it and then you need to fill out tons of paper work?

  2. Thanks for the addition to the list Mr. Hess, but I am not (yet) a legal brewery. The beers + labels that you’ve likely seen were brewed for private consumption at my recent wedding in Stonington. And I’m actually living in Brookline, MA (very close to Boston).
    JC Tetreault aka Trillium Brewing Company.

  3. Hey, We all gotta start somewhere. I’ll make a note of it though. I dig the labels you do, and the blog. Very cool.

  4. Hess brewers:

    I randomly stumbled across your website while doing brewing research. I noticed our NanoBrewing Operation got a shout out in the Jan 26 post…..Awesome.

    We are actually on the same road as you are and are planning a 3BBL commercial brewhouse in our town.

    I look forward to reading more on your experience with all the applications and such. We are just walking into that mess.

    Chris Enegren
    http://www.enegrenbrewing.com (its still in progress).

  5. Thanks! Added you too.

  6. Blind Lady Ale House is now a nano brewery, well Automatic Brewing is brewing in house for BLAH in Normal Heights, San Diego under Lee Chase.

  7. Hey Mike&Mike (really you should do a ‘beer show’! sorry, I couldn’t resist) – congrats and best of luck on your brewing adventures! Thanks for including us on your list. Two years+ @ 1bbl, going strong and looking to grow (still with a part-time job on the side).
    Sean Lawson-Lawson’s Finest Liquids, VT

  8. Here’s another one: The Keg and Barrel, 1315 Hardy St, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Currently brewing on a homemade “Brutus Ten” with 30 gallon kettles, fermenting in a Blichman 27gal conical, all in a 120 square foot brewing area which may the smallest Brewpub in America. We have two rotating taps for 26 brews yearly. The owner is John Neal and the brewer is Sam Sorrells. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary. http://www.kegandbarrel.com

  9. I am operating a nanobrewery in Canada – Plan B Brewing – http://www.planbbrewing.com. It is 1.25bbl system and we are currently producing 3.75 bbl per week. We have been open for 7 months.

  10. I have to disagree about bad news on Vertigo. We are excited to move up to a bigger system. However, it is a bit premature. We have (2) 7 bbl fermenters and (3) 7 bbl brite tanks. None are in operation as of yet. We are still brewing 1 bbl at a time. We brew A LOT! Up to over 15 bbls already this month. But I think we still qualify as a nano. Thanks for the mention.

    Mike Haines
    Vertigo Brewing

  11. Noted.

    Good hearing from you Mike.

  12. Hi,
    Manchester brewing re-started operations on May 29 after a four month hiatus. We’ll be switching to draft only initially and will be available in NH, VT, and MA.
    Kevin (Brewer)

  13. Hi, Mike-

    This is Ethan in Buffalo- Community Beer Works. We’re just getting underway at present: we have an LLC, some initial investment $$, and gmail. We’re writing the plan and pro forma, and looking for a location; we intend to start out at 1bbl… much still to do, but we’re on it! You (or whomever) can contact us directly via the following ethan@communitybeerworks.com

    Cheers, and thanks for mentioning us!

  14. This is Nathan from Rising Tide Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. I have my TTB phone interview tomorrow, and will be brewing on a 1 barrel system. Thanks for your post regarding your own TTB phone interview—it set my mind at ease!


  15. Stillwater Artisinal Ales (based out of Baltimore) is doing great things. Check ’em out!


  16. I’m less than a year from opening a brewpub in southwest Virginia. I’m looking at 2400 sq ft space with about 40 seats max. My business plan has us brewing on a 3 bbl system twice a month to start and 4 times a month after a year. Am I under shooting. Please understand, we’re in very virgin craft beer teritory. I can be reached at williamlandry@hotmail.com

  17. Check out Boxcar Brewing in West Chester, PA.

  18. http://www.cosmicfrogbrewing.com

    We’re just getting our multi use permit now while constructing the brewery. Love your blog, congrats on opening!

  19. I wanted to update you, as we’ve made progress and have a website up now:


  20. Updated you website CBW.

  21. This is the most awesome web link I have stumbled across is some time. I look forward to making the list one day!! By the way, during a visit to Oregon last year, we visited Seven Brides Brewing. Although they are over the limit to be Nano, they are a very small, friendly operation. We were given a very short “two rooms” tour and allowed to sample a few of their fine beers. I look forward to the day when I can buy their beers in the San Francisco area!

  22. Although I am not affiliated with them you could add The Jaipur Brew House in Omaha, NE. They brew on a 2 BBL system for sale only in their restaurant (I think). Their place is where my wife and I had our first date 15ish years ago.


  23. To be fair and just, and not confusing. Cosmic Frog Handcrafted Ales out of Buffalo has secured a location and is in the licensing process. So it is not operating at the moment. Looking at a January 2011 first release.

  24. Just and FYI: Worth Brewing is actually in Iowa, not Indiana, as noted….

  25. Great list. I think you can add Little Yeoman of Cabool, Missouri, as well.

  26. What about Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands, CA? Are they considered a nanobrewery?

  27. I believe they are slightly outside the realm of “nano.” They have more fermentation space than an average nano can brew in a year, 250 BBLs or so I think. Still, Ben is an awesome guy and they do make fantastic beer.

  28. I’m in Maryland, and opening a nano-brewery. Baying Hound Aleworks. We will be brewing about 80 bbl per year, hope to expand to do twice that. The TTB does acknowledge the existence of Nano-breweries, but they are conveniently categorized under micro breweries. Funny thing about Maryland is that a nano brewery registers as a brewery and not a micro brewery. The brewery license is $1750 while a micro is $700.

  29. Dunbar Brewery
    22720 El Camino Real, Suite A
    Santa Margarita, CA

    That place is awesome. Visited him a couple of months ago. When I think of a Nano-brewery, this is the place I compare it to.

    User drummstikk provided a nice description here…

  30. Roth in Raleigh is a 3bbl system if I’m not mistaken. Good guys and good beer.

  31. This is a list I check every so often, thank you for compiling, revising, and updating it. When starting these nanobreweries, are most of them LLC, sole proprietorship, corporations? Thanks for any input.

  32. I have no clue. S-Corp is the safest, but LLC makes the most sense financially.

  33. The New Republic Brewing Co is an LLC. It is a good mix of protection and financial advantage.

    We are currently (Oct, 2010) waiting for our TTB & TABC permits. We are also fabricating some temperature control for our 320 l fermentors.

    Thanks for the mention.

  34. We are in the process of starting a nano too. Somewhere around a 1-2bbl system. Here in GA we have the 3 tier system so we need to find a distributer that will work with us. We will call it Reformation Brewery! reformationbrewery.com

  35. Roth is actually a 2 bbl system with 4 bbl tanks. They are brewing about 4 days a week to sustain 20 accounts.

  36. Good Nature Brewing, Inc. from Hamilton, NY, home of Colgate University, has a space! Now we just need to raise the rest of the start-up!

    check out our site: http://www.goodnaturebrewing.com/


  37. We might as well add our name, Black Acre Brewing Co., to the chorus of opening nano breweries. We are purchasing a 3 barrel electric system and opening in the 4th quarter this year. We will be selling mainly in house with limited distribution. blackacrebrewing.com

    Also, already in Indianapolis is Bier, a 1.5 barrel brewery that sells only growlers and kegs to the public. http://www.bierbrewery.com/

  38. Hey Two Kilts has updated their website. The dream is very much still alive and they have a new building in Sherwood, Or.

  39. Quick update from Portland, Maine: Rising Tide Brewing Company is in operation — distributing beer in 22 oz bottles throughout Southern Maine. Just returned from our first trip to the Craft Brewer’s Conference full of enthusiasm! We’re at http://www.risingtidebrewing.com on the web and @risingtidebeer on twitter.

  40. This is a “Shout-out!” to all the Nano-brewers of Oregon. Originally being from Portland, I have such a wonderful appreciation for what you do. Keep up the good work! Great to see so many popping up all over the US. Looking forward to checking out Hess for the first time this Friday.

  41. Beer Engine in Danville, KY, running at 1.5 BBL:


  42. Worth is in IOWA not Indiana

  43. Yeah, what Martin said about Worth. It’s in Iowa.

    Also, check out Black Rocks Brewing in Marquette, Michigan. I don’t think they have an actual website, just a facebook. They are very popular, though.

  44. Baranoff Island Brewing Company in Sitka, Alaska is brewing under 2bbl batches.

  45. I guess depending on the definition of nano… Haines Brewing in Haines, AK has a 3 or 3.5bbl system and Skagway Brewing in Skagway, AK has a 4bbl. Neither really distribute outside their town other than the occasional keg.

  46. Hi, MIke- just wanted to shoot you an update; we’re TTB approved now and are readying our NY SLA application, prepping for build out, estimating before year’s end opening but you know how estimates go!

  47. Here are two more:

    Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Co in Ouray, CO

    Oak Hills Brewing Co opening up (hopefully) by the end of the year in Hesperia, CA

  48. Great list, btw – thanks for putting it together!

  49. Good Nature Brewing is now fully financed. We move into our space in Hamilton, NY on September 1st. We will submit our application to the TTB for a Brewer’s Notice on that day. Our equipment (an all-electric 2BBl system) will arrive mid-September!


  50. How about Paddock Wood Brewing out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? SK’s first and only microbrewery is a nano. http://www.paddockwood.com

  51. Pittsburgh, PA has a new nanobrewery called Draai Laag Brewing Co. (Pronounced Dry Log).

  52. Hey Mike and Mike and the world,
    I just opened a nano brewery a mere 3 miles from Hess, which has been my inspiration. Please add me to your list, sir! Wet ‘N Reckless Brewing is now selling beer!

  53. Country Boy Brewing in Lexington, Kentucky is now open. You can move them to your “Operating” list!

  54. Nice list. We just posted an article about Nanobrewing. Definitely believe it will be the next trend in beer – http://beercraving.wordpress.com/

  55. To add: Backlash Brewery, Enlightenment, Night Shift, Element. All in the Boston area.

  56. Santiam Brewing Company Salem, OR is now open!

  57. Great book that Dan Woodske released.
    Nanobrewery U.S.A.: A Chronicle of America’s Nanobrewery Beer Phenomena
    Available at Amazon.com

  58. I don’t think Steffan’s Aldergrove Brewery is open any longer. They used to carry his beer at my local grocery store (just across I-5 from the brewery), but haven’t in some time. The website’s also defunct. Damn shame, too. His Empirical Staught was damned tasty.

  59. Santiam Brewing in Salem, Or is not only open but is serving what is now my favorite beer – Pirate Stout. A coconut flavored Stout that is incredible!

  60. O’Possums in Murfreesboro TN is brewing on Sabco system http://www.opossumspub.com/

  61. I did not see Mocassin Bend Brewing Company listed. The nanobrewery is in the St. Elmo historic neighborhood in Chattanooga TN. Please add them to your list.http://www.bendbrewingbeer.com/
    Michael Plummer

  62. You seem to be missing a bunch of Denver, CO-area nanos, including:
    – Strange Brewing http://www.strangebrewingco.com/
    – Trve Brewing http://trvebrewing.com/main
    – Our Mutual Friend http://www.omfmb.com/
    – Crooked Stave http://www.crookedstave.com/
    – Elk Mountain http://www.elkmountainbrewing.com

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  64. So many of us popping up all the time. Pretty hard to keep up with. If you are of a mind, you can add Twisted Snout Brewery – Toledo, OR – http://www.TwistedSnout.com to your list. We are just inland from Rogue Brewery.

    We started last year as a 1 barrel brewery and just took delivery on a 3 barrel system.

    Cool site bye the way.



  65. Great list. Colorado has been growing considerably with the Nano’s:
    – Trve Brewing http://trvebrewing.com/main
    – Our Mutual Friend http://www.omfmb.com/
    – De Steeg Brewing http://desteegbrewing.com/ (opened last night)
    and our brewery opening by the end of March
    – Colorado Plus Liquid Artworks http://www.cplusliquidartworks.com
    & Dave’s site shows all the rest in planning, (my guess is that 25% of these might be starting as Nano’s) http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com/2011/09/list-of-colorado-breweries-in.html. Prost! Adam

  66. There’s a new one in Seattle (Fremont neighborhood): http://outlanderbrewing.com/about/

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  68. Night Shift Brewing is located in Everett, Massachusetts. They specialize in sours and barrel aged beers. Fabulous!


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