Mike Hess

Chief Brewing Officer
Mike Hess is founder and Proprietor of Mike Hess Brewing. A Bay Area native, Mike began his career as a homebrewer in 1995 while stationed in Philadelphia, brewing 5-gallon batches in his apartment’s kitchen from a kit purchased at Home Sweet Homebrew.  When he moved to San Diego, he refined his all grain brewing skills on his hand-built 10 gallon 3-tier gravity system, and later a 20 gallon More Beer system. Like most homebrewers who dream of being a professional brewer, Mike opened up the original Hess to not only to try his hand in the world of craft beer, but also as a concept proof-test of the nano-brewery as a business. It was during this time that he also authored or inspired the content for his widely used blog, the (Mike) Hess Brewing Odyssey.  He designed the original Miramar brewhouse, building it with the help of local fabricators and his brother Greg. He is the company’s CBO (Chief Brewing Officer), working closely with Director of Brewing Operations, Jason Stockberger on recipes and heads up the QA/QC for the brewery. Mike Hess Brewing has since grown from the smallest of 33 breweries to the 11th largest craft brewery of the 130 operating in San Diego today. They have expanded to three locations, operate two brewhouses in San Diego, and distribute their beer throughout California, Arizona, and Colorado. He currently is a Board Member of the State's Guild, the California Craft Brewer's Association. Mike is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder – the town in which he fell in love with craft beer, and served as an officer in the US Navy for 10 years.