The Cold Room.

I used to enjoy twitter, now I am a believer. It was through twitter read more →

Rye Imperial Stout – Experiment #1

Bottles of Rye Imperial Stout. 
Hand bottling 22 ounces of beer is a very time consuming read more →

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa… BOE, TTB, DEH.

Glad to say we are finally getting our TTB paperwork out the door. We had to read more →

Painted Shelves

Look at our shelves.
A big mess of unfinished wood and hastily organized grain bags, growlers, read more →

Delicious Rice Beer

AnBush-InBev is awfully proud of their rice-based yellow drink. Apparently using rice is an “expensive” process. read more →

The Continuing Story of an ABC License.

Today we visited the San Marcos branch of The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Twice.

Twice read more →

This Storefront (is a figment of my imagination)

Imaginary Store Front.

This is my vision for a storefront in the near future. Since we are read more →

The Equipment Is Getting Setup

We moved the equipment in on Wednesday and are working on setting it up at the read more →

Label Design

We are beginning to talk about branding and direction our brewery is going to take once read more →