Open Mike Cans

Take your pick of 8 delicious canned Mike Hess Brewing beers! 

Grazias, our Vienna Cream Ale, Habitus, our mouth-watering Double IPA, which won the Gold Award in the Rye category at the 2014 World Beer Cup, 8 West Orange Honey Wheat beer, our dynamic San Diego-style Solis IPA, World Beer Cup 2016 Gold Award winner Claritas Kölsch are now available in 6 packs of 12OZ Open Mike™ cans! 

New to the year round can lineup as of May 2017, we welcome juicy Grapefruit Solis, 4:59 our Little IPA and easy drinkin’ Steel Beach, an American Craft Lager. open_mike_1500x2750-3

You may be a bit perplexed when you open your first MHB can. Our lids come all the way off! That’s right, a complete 360° pull-off top. Instead of a small opening to sip and smell your beer from, you now have the pleasure of not only feeling like your drinking from a wide-mouth glass, but you can also enjoy the full aroma experience that is so vital to craft beer experiences. Cut your dish washing time in half, too.

Cans are better for beer because they protect it from light. This is one of the reasons we also use stainless steel growlers. While both cans and bottles are recyclable, cans are recycled at a much higher rate than bottles—around 80%. For those who remember their grandfather’s can or their great-grandfather’s, modern cans are not the same. They don’t add any off-taste to the beer, and multiple blind tastes have been conducted to prove it. In fact, those same studies show people prefer beer from a can!

Open Mike cans are compatible with active lifestyles, too. Cans go many places where glass bottles and glasses are prohibited—golf courses, beaches, parks, hiking trails, and swimming pools, to name a few.

You can find our Open Mike cans in Arizona, the Bay Area, from Tahoe to Fresno, and all of SoCal (Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties) as well. Finally, you’ll also find us in Colorado, throughout the state!

Cheers to you, and cheers to the amazing Open Mike can.

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