Our Brewery

Our Brewery

We started out on the smallest production brewery in San Diego – a hand built stainless steel 3 vessel system (mash/lauter, boil and whirlpool) along with four 60 gallon food grade plastic conical fermenters. We hand rocked each keg of cold flat beer under pressure to carbonate. That was 2010!

Our world-class San Diego facility is housed in a 12,500 ft² facility in the heart of North Park (ground zero for craft beer in San Diego and named one of America’s hippest neighborhoods by Forbes magazine) on a state-of-the-art Super 30 from Newlands Systems of Abbostfordshire, Canada. “Super” 30 because though our brewery is designed to produce 30 bbls of sweet wort per brew, our vessels are all slightly oversized to accomodate our higher gravity (and higher alcohol) beers.

Our mashtun is 126” in diameter, allowing us to comfortably mill in just under 2,900 pounds of grain per batch. Fed from the grist hopper hanging above the mash tun, our tun also features rakes (for mixing) and plows (for grain out). The grain out system, powered by a massive progressive cavity pump automatically pumps spent grain out to the west sde of the brewery into an awaiting 20 yard dumpster, which then heads north to Konyn Dairy and their cows.

Our boil kettle is steam jacketed and features bottom and side jackets as well as an internal calandria – a fancy word for a piece of equipment that works like a percolator. Once temperatures are north of 190°, the calandria takes over the boiling function of the wort.

The oversized whirlpool is designed not only to improve brewhouse throughput but for separation of solids from the wort before it enters the heat exchanger. Final hop or other spice additions take place in the whirlpool, which features three draw off points and the option of routing wort through the hopback (for one last crack at whole hops) or the HEX.

Hot and cold water (liquor) to support the brewery is provided from the 90 bbl Hot and Cold liquor tanks. Cold liquor is used exclusively as the cooling medium in the HEX.

We have 8 fermenters in North Park, including a single 60, five 90 and two 120 barrel fermenters. Finished beer is packaged from either the 90 or 120 barrel brite beer tanks.

Other brewery equipment includes: full sized silo for base malt with 60,000-pound capacity, a specialty grain hopper with 2,400-pound capacity, an RMS two roller mill, IDD Squire plus 2 for keg cleaning and packaging (30 kegs/hour capacity), and our incredible Wild Goose Engineering canning line. The canning line processes 9 cans at a time and it fills about ~35 pint cans/minute.