quintoWe can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to the sold out Hessfest and making it another great day. The weather was warm, but there was a light breeze, live music and some incredible beers, all tied together nicely by friends and family. If you missed it, you can still get a taste of it by purchasing a bottle of Anno Quinto (year 5), our special anniversary release. Anno Quinto is an American Strong Ale, with 7.9% Alc. by Volume.

It’s built with a rich combination of the finest American and German Pale and Munich malts, and dosed at fist-pump-inducing hop levels. Drink it now or lay it up for a while if you have the self control. Here’s to you, here’s to us and here’s to many more years of Great Beer. No Exceptions. No Excuses. Comeinto the tasting room for yours today. Also available in select stores.