26 Sep 2011

2nd Annual OktoberHess

Oktober 15th, Saturday, Noon until 6 p.

Hard to believe, but true! It is time already for our 2nd Annual OktoberHess Festival.

We are bringing back our Festivüs Düsseldorf Altbier: The darker and hoppier rival of the Kölsch. A top fermented ale with lager-eqsue characteristics caused by the low temperature fermentation of the region. This is a “Sticke” variation which means it has a more complex flavor profile and a higher alcohol content, our is 6.8%.

We are also bringing out a new beer, we will be brewing up a batch of Scotch Ale: This is a full bodied, rich, and malty ale. To increase the wort gravity, carmelized sweetness and Maillard reaction, we boiled down the first 15 gallons of mash running to less than 7 in a secondary boil vessel (AKA Rhino’s Keggle). This should be an ideal beer to sip as San Diego cools down from a scorching 72 degrees to a chilly 68 degrees.

We will also be having traditional Oktoberfest bites: Bratwurst, Giant Pretzles, Frankfurters with Sauerkraut and Mustard from our buddies at Ranchwood All Natural BBQ.


We are currently on the lookout for a traditional Oompah Band. If anyone has any leads let us know!

Wanted: Traditional Oompah Band.


2 Responses to 2nd Annual OktoberHess
  1. Any luck with the Oompah band? Looking forward to the Festivus.

  2. I don’t know an Oompah band, but i heard this amazing local guitarist vocalist at another octoberfest last weekend. Allegra Barley. Yes, that’s her real name. You can find her on Facebook


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