12 Jul 2011

Friday, July 22nd 4pm until 8 pm
F.A.C. = Friday Afternoon Club
Summer is well underway and FAC is warming up! We again invite all our friends, fans and friends of fans for an afternoon of live entertainment, killer barbecue and terrific craft beer at FAC5. Never a cover. Always a blast
The July edition of FAC features:
The Barnacles : Back at Hess for some jammin’ tunes.

Some serious gnoshing from our friends at Rotisserie Affair.

And as always Hess Brew! We should have a fresh batch of Jucundus, our Honey Orange Wheat up, as well as your favorites PLUS will be releasing our Robust Porter (name TBD) in two varieties: One is straight up Robust Porter. The Second is a Coffee & Tea Collective beaned version with ample amounts of freshly roasted organic Bolivian coffee beans.

Click Here or on the flyer below for a large version, print it out and pass out to your friends! 

New to this event will be the introduction of tables, chairs and shade! Feel free to bring your own however.
Finally, we would be remiss to not address the other line – that for the bathroom, so look for a PortaJohn to be set up on site to help alleviate the need…
As usual, bring your Hess Brewing honest-pint pub glass and a chair to relax in if you’d like to sit outside our venue.
One final note: we continue to look for bands – so singer-songwriters, indie bands, blues dudes – if you are looking for a venue, or if your friend’s band is looking for a venue, look no further – we’d love to feature you here at Hess Brewing! Send an email to mike@hessbrewing.com if you’re interested!

FAC5 – It’s July. Time to get to Hess!

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