06 Jun 2011

Friday, June 24th, 4-8PM
FAC is Friday Afternoon Club
June gloom? June schmoon. It’s never gloomy here at Hess, especially when the craft beer is flowing, you’re getting your groove on with Andrew Fodor and the Psydewinders (back by popular demand!) and your belly is full of delish BBQ nachos and pulled BBQ sandwiches.
Our monthly event, FAC, we again invite all our friends, fans and friends of fans for an afternoon of live entertainment, killer barbeque and terrific craft beer at FAC4.
Heck ya, that’s a slide guitar…
Like all previous FACs, we continue to fine-tune the process of putting a delicious beverage in your hand. So, enter the return of the TICKET BOOTH, where you can buy tickets outside, and exchange them for beer on the inside. For those of you who were there at OktoberHess, you’ll recall we used this back then and it worked well. No money will be exchanged inside the brewery, just tickets and beer.
In addition to Delta Blues and Barbeque, we also are stoked to announce the much anticipated re-boot of Jucundus, our refreshing honey orange wheat ale. 5.25% never tasted so yummy. 

Finally, we would be remiss to not address the “other” line – that for the bathroom, so look for a PortaJohn to be set up on site to help “alleviate” the need…
BBQ – it’s not just for breakfast anymore…
Meat lovers and vegetarians alike, take note: Tony and his crew are back with some of San Diego’s best BBQ and they will be serving up some vegetarian-friendly chow as well. Ranchwood will feature their world famous BBQ parfait, barbeque nachos, tri-tip and other assorted great eats.
As usual, bring your Hess Brewing honest-pint pub glass and a chair to relax in if you’d like to sit outside our venue.

Print this out and post at work! Invite your friends!!

One final note: we continue to look for bands – so singer-songwriters, indie bands, blues dudes – if you are looking for a venue, or if your friend’s band is looking for a venue, look no further – we’d love to feature you here at Hess Brewing! Send me an email at mike@hessbrewing.com if you’re interested!

FAC4 – Just say NO to June Gloom and Yes to Hess at Hess Brewing.

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