04 Apr 2011

Tax-Day F.A.C. Bigger, Badder, Better.


Friday, April 15th, 4-7PM
Mark your calendars – FAC is back. As promised, Hess Brewing is hosting all our fans for an afternoon of live entertainment, killer barbeque and terrific craft beer. Bigger, badder and better – two taps for all the beers means no long wait. Sorry about that last time – we were overwhelmed by your response, but we think we’ve got it figured out now! Tell your friends and bring ’em out.

The Fab Lushes will be providing two live sets, the first will be at 4 PM. A well-blended cocktail of an act that will cut you a slice of groove with a side of tasty licks. Music has never sounded so good as it does mixed into a tall, cool drink of blues influenced rock’n’roll.

The Fab Lushes

Back again by popular demand is Tony and his crew from Ranchwood All-Natural Deli, featuring their world famous BBQ parfait and other assorted goodies.

Say, is that a meat parfait you’re holding?

April 15th is Tax Day, so this will be Tax Free* F.A.C. We will pay your taxes on pints! Ok, sure, the government extended it this year to the 18th, but we can’t have FAC on Monday. So, 50 cents off all your pints between 4 and 7 in your Hess Brewing pub glass.
Bring your glass!

Tax-free pints in this glass on the 15th

We’re still looking for bands, so singer-songwriters, indie bands, blues dudes – if you are looking for a venue, look no further – we’d love to feature you here at Hess Brewing! Send me an email at
mike@hessbrewing.com if you’re interested!
FAC – unwind after a hard week and have a blast with Hess.

*TTB/ABC we will still be paying our taxes too, don’t worry!
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  1. Hey! That’s my glass!


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