13 Feb 2011

We’re Starting a New Tradition: FAC

F.A.C. = Friday Afternoon Club
When I was a student at dear old CU (that’s University of Colorado, Boulder – the one where they filmed Mork and Mindy in the end zone), I fell in love with Craft Beer during my senior year. Walnut Brewery (the original Rock Bottom) opened their first location about a mile from my rental house. They were an instant hit with me and my friends and we couldn’t believe the great beer coming from their taps.
Where it all started for me.
However, long before I fell in love with Devil’s Thumb Stout, I drank my unfair share of cheap yellow beer and a lot of that was consumed on Friday afternoons, out on the terrace at the UMC (the student center). FAC we called it. I understand that now that CU is essentially a dry campus (officially speaking anyway), there is no more FAC – or certainly not what it was when I was there. Hundreds of us soaking up the sun, drinking from plastic cups, jamming to bands like Big Head Todd or The Samples.
Site of many years of the original FAC, the UMC terrace. Good times.
I hadn’t thought much about FAC since I left CU back in ’90, until summer before last when I was vacationing in Vail with my family and found out that Vail had FAC up on top of the mountain. Everything I had remembered about FAC…beer, music, sun, and hundreds of friends. I knew then I had to bring FAC to San Diego. So we are.
Starting Friday the 25th of February, FAC comes to Hess Brewing. And, if we can keep up, and you like it, we’ll do it again in March, and April, and May – well, you get the idea. For now, we’ll keep it reasonable – one Friday a month. Live music, food, hundreds of friends, sun … but instead of Duff or Duff lite, we’ll have Hess Brewing craft ales (and maybe the occasional guest tap, too).
The new F.A.C. site: The Hess Brewing “Terrace”
At our first FAC we’ll be featuring $3 draughts for three hours – from 4 until 7 pm – but only in our Hess Brewing pub glasses. Already own a glass? Great, bring it. We’ll fill it for $3. Don’t own one yet? No problem, for $8 you get your own honest pint keeper full, and refills are $3. FAC at CU was all about the plastic cups; this one is not. So bring your glass!
Ranchwood Deli and Catering (who rocked it for us at OktoberHess) will be reprising their role as food purveyor extraordinaire and we’ve got two music acts lined up. Psydewinders, a local trio playing Delta Blues will be providing the main groove, and during their set break, local acoustic guitarist Kevin White will keep the vibe going.
(By the way, singer songwriters, indie bands, blues dudes – if you are looking for a venue, look no further – we’d love to feature you here at Hess Brewing!)
We’re still open our regular hours too, but come to FAC and have a blast.
3 Responses to We’re Starting a New Tradition: FAC
  1. Hi, a friend of mine referred me to this page. I play in a local rock cover band (like Mira Mesa/Clairemont local) and she thought this might be a fun venue for us. I see you’re looking for more acoustic/trio type performers, but would you be willing to feature regular rock bands?


  2. This FAC thing sounds awesome. We will certainly try to get up there.

  3. Hi Rene,
    We will feature any talented artists! Do you have a FB or music page so we can check you guys out?

    Looking forward to hearing you guys!



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