21 Aug 2010

It Ain’t Easy Being Nano

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First things first. 
A huge thanks to everyone that came out to our grand opening: The Beer Lovers. Family Wagon. The Tabe BBQ Gastro Truck. Our Friends. Our Families. All of You!!!

Packed House.
Holy Smokes.
Family Wagon.
Tabe BBQ.
On to the good news.
We are out of beer. Did I say good news? Well, it is good news that our Grand Opening was such a success. Lots and lots of beer was consumed. In fact, more beer was imbibed on August 7th than in the entire month of July. How awesome is that? However, this did put us in a bit of a predicament: we drained the tanks. Literally. Not like ‘they’re low’, or, ‘we’re almost out.’ We have ZERO Intrepidus IPA, ZERO Grazias Vienna Cream Ale, ZERO Amplus Acerba SDPA and ZERO Ex Umbris RIS. Nada, zilch.

We do have a tiny amount (~3 gallons) of Claritas Kölsch and slightly more of our seasonal, limited-release Jucundus Honey Orange Wheat (but once it’s gone, we won’t be brewing it again till next year.) With so little beer, we had to shut down our tasting room. We just do not have enough to warrant opening until we get a bit more beer back on draft. And for that… we apologize. Bad planning on our part.

On to the better news
We brewed like crazy these past 9 days. One the 9th, we brewed 51 gallons of Amplus, on the 13th we brewed 48 gallons of Ex Umbris and on the 20th 48 gallons of Intrepidus. Next week, a fresh batch of Grazias. Beer is on the way! From now on our fermentation vessels will be full at all times so that we can get you fills of your pub glass and growlers of all our beers.

Brewing Amplus with the Crew.

Ah, the perils of being nano.

Thanks again for your support, your kind words and encouragement and especially your patience. See you soon at the Hess Tasting Room!


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