27 Jul 2010

136 Ounces of Awesome!
The Growlers are here! 68 ounces of Ex Umbris to the left, 68 ounces of Claritas Kölsch to the right. Stuck in the middle with you.
Rye Imperial Stout.
The growlers should last a long time. Mike has had a similar one for over a year and the rubber seal is going strong. I’ve also seen four year old flip-top bottles that have kept their carbonation. So long term storage is possible in a flip-top growler (assuming I fill it properly.)
The Growler itself is going to cost $20.00 and fills will be $13.00 for Claritas and Grazias, $16.00 for Intrepidus, and $20.00 for Ex Umbris and Amplus Acerba
Hess Brew To Go. 
Empty Set.


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