24 May 2010

Pint Glasses, Tap Handles and Growlers… Oh My!

Willi Becher.

As we come into the final stretch before our opening, much time has been spent working on getting the Hess Brewing glassware and tap handles figured out. Rather than go with the traditional ‘pint’ glass, and as fans of the Honest Pint movement Mike decided to go with a glass that would hold a full pour, called a Willi Becher – like the one above. The one we’re likely to go with is 21.5 ounces to the top. We also like it because (to be perfectly honest with you) it has a silly name. Now the trouble is figuring out where to get it screen printed / sand blasted with our logo and a fill-mark line at a .5L that won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

Although we won’t have them on opening day, what do you think about having some Belgian tulips or snifters for our Ex Umbris or Amplus Acerba?

Terrible, Terrible Artwork.

For our tap handles we’re probably going to go the custom route. Skubic has been working hard and spending many hours figuring out how to go about making them… right now he’s thinking of using Wenge as the wooden base then screen printing / stencil spray painting on the logos / labels. The arm is the hangup now, on the one hand we can go with wood, on the other, Mike may try and hone his metalworking skills and make a wrought iron handle…TBD!

This is the growler we are going to be going with. Greg, Mike’s brother bought him one of these for Christmas a few years back and it’s been a favorite for bringing homebrew around to friend’s houses. We love the big pour mouth and monster handle. It’s from koch-usa. We think you’ll love the look of this growler too, so bulky yet stylish too. It’s going to look even better with our Hess Brew logo screened on the front!
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  1. I know a few people who have used http://www.egrandstand.com but we are using Superior Screen Systems and they are awesome http://www.bottleprinter.com

    Mt Tabor Brewing
    Brewer / Beer Pimp

  2. dual side printing for that fill line is going to be pricey.

    otherwise, from my prior research, these seemed to be the best pricing for (relatively) small quantities of the big willi:


  3. For taphandles, it seems to me there must be some kind of clear plastic resin product that would allow you to (a) print a taphandle design on regular paper, and (b) put the paper in a mold, fill the mold with liquid resin stuff, let it dry and (c) have an awesome taphandle, ready for use if you can drill a hole in the bottom and attach it to whatever kind of rod you want.

    Hey, a lot of interesting ideas turn up if you google “make taphandles”…

  4. We are talking to eGrandstand and it looks like they can do what we want to do for the best price.

    Tap Handles definitely have a lot of different ways to go. I am going to be figuring it out this weekend.

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  6. I just saw the Willi Becher glass at Indian Wells Brewing Company (http://www.mojavered.com) today and its a nice size. Just slightly larger than the standard pint glass. Dont think you need that line printed on it. It is actually the same glass as those ones I used for tea at my old place I got at the 99c Store.

  7. I thought that looked familiar!


  8. Where did you end up getting your willi glasses printed? We are looking into printing some now.


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