08 Apr 2010

The Installation of the Brewery.

Greg loading up the Burner and Whirl Pool Stand.
The stand fit perfectly into the back of a standard full-sized truck. Almost like we engineered it that way.

Old Dominion Dropping of the Conicals.
Our four 60 gallon conicals arrive via freight. I think Old Dominion is my favorite trucking company. Such a great name.

Brew Stand is in Place.
Slowly but surely this place is coming together. 
Mike and Jorge working on the Kettles.
You can see more of his work on JplusE.com, the man is an artist.

1.66 Barrel Brew System.
Almost complete. We just need some Stainless Steel Tri-Clover fittings and some hoses and we will be in Business! 

12 Responses to The Installation of the Brewery.
  1. Looking good! I imagined the fermenters would be bigger, but I can see them being too hard to handle by a single person if they were any bigger.

  2. Very cool. what are you using for the burners? natural gas? what kind of burners?

    US plastics fermenters? what do you intend to use for temp control?

    …living vicariously (for now)

  3. Propane. The Monster is going to be our boil kettle burner. 200,000 BTUs.

    60 gal plastic fermenters. They are definitely the cost effective way to go. I’m seeing lots of other nanobreweries using them now.

    We are going to throw them into one of our fridges for temperature control and then bright them in the cold room.

  4. I like the tippy-dump on the mash tun. What are you guys using for a lauter screen? Custom-made false bottom?

  5. 200kBTU…this guy?

    how about chilling? counterflow or whirlpool immersion?

  6. Hey JC, we’ll be using this burner: http://www.tejassmokers.com/images/HPMAX_2.jpg, hit this page, http://www.tejassmokers.com/castironburners.htm and scroll down till you see this entry: Maximum Heat MONSTER Cast Iron Burner. It’s actually 225k BTU, although I’m going to measure actual performance before my first brew session with it.

    Chris, we’re using a custom made FB that sits 1″ off the bottom of the MT.

    Chilling – plate chiller with an ice water cooling loop off the whirlpool vessel (the one on the right in the pic above), single pass to the conical.

  7. The brew stand isn’t aluminum is it? Looks real shiny! What size did you go with for the square tubes?

  8. Both the structure and the kettles are stainless steel. It’s a lot shinier now. Just got finished polishing it.

  9. Hey Chris, the frame is 2×2 stainless with the 0.180 wall thickness. The kettles are all 14 gauge stainless.

  10. Into the kettles were welded:
    1/2″ FNPT for thermocouples, brewmometers and site gauges

    Outlets: HLT and MT 3/4″ FNPT; BK and WP 1″ FNPT

    Also I have a HERMS, with a convoluted coil in the HLT and the connections there are 1/2″ FNPT as well.

    The pumps are all 1/2″ except my whirlpool/fermented beer transfer pump which is 1″ inlet, 1/2″ outlet.

    Tubing is mostly 1.5″ TriClover mated to 3/4″ hose barb.

    We’ll be posting up pics and details soon as the parts get in. We got some today, the rest next week!

  11. Hey, great work! Couple questions:
    You’re using one of those burners per vessel? Also, are the burners doing the trick?

    I assume you’re using the HERMS to control mash temps, are you having any problems concerning the speed with which the mash temperature adjusts with 1/2 ” connections?

    finally, what’s the advantage of having the outputs at 3/4” while everything else is pretty much 1/2”?


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