27 Apr 2010

The Great Nanobrewery List

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I have been looking into nanobreweries throughout the United States. I am actually surprised at the number of Nanobreweries popping up all over. I don’t even think there is a true definition* for a nanobrewery (although the TTB does address their existence). Here is list of all the little guys out there:

New to the List: (as of April 27, 2010)
Black Husky Brewing – from Eagle River, Wisconsin

Cave Mountain Brewing Co – from Windham, New York

Craft Brewing Co – from Lake Elsinore, CA

Mattingly Brewing Co. – from St. Louis, Missouri

Operating Nanobreweries:
Automatic Brewing Co. – from San Diego, California
Lee Chase of Blind Lady Ale House (and many other great breweries) fame has started a brewery in the back of BLAH and appears to be brewing on a 20 gallon More Beer Structure.

Backstreet Restaurant and Brewery – from Guayabitos, Mexico
They brew on a 20 gallon More Beer Tippy Sculpture. Viva la MexiNano!

Blind Bat Brewery – from Long Island, New York
Started on a 10 gallon kettle system and has recently upgraded to a 3 barrel brew kettle. It is run by Paul Dlugokencky. 

Breaker Brewing Co – from Plains, Pennsylvania
These boys brew on a wood clad 1 1/2 barrel inline system. They have  five year-rounds and two seasonal brews.

Cooper’s Cave Ales – from Glen Falls, New York
Not only to they make handcrafted ales but they make gourmet soda and ice cream as well! 

Epic Ales Brewing – from Seattle, Washington
Located in SoDo ran by Cody Morris inside of a location previously used as a salon. He brews 1 barrel at a time.

Foggy Noggin Brewing – Bothell, Washington
Jim is brewing on a 1/2 barrel custom system. 

Healdsburg Beer Co – from Healdsburg, California
My main man, Kevin McGee! There is more than enough wine in Healdsburg, just trying to level the playing field.

Lawsons Finest Liquids – from Warren, Vermont
Sean Lawson runs this one barrel brew system. Sean won a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup this year for his Maple Trippel.

Manchester Brewing – from Concord, New Hampshire
Brewmaster Kevin Bloom. They haven’t updated their website since November 2009 so I am unaware if they are still operating, but let’s assume they are…

Mt. Carmel Brewing Co – from Cincinnati, Ohio
Mike Dewey and his wife run this brewery… though their website is a bit hard to follow, I’ve been told they are in fact a nanobrewery.

Mt. Tabor Brewing –  from Mt. Tabor, Oregon
Ran by Eric Surface in the heart of the Montavilla business district he provides single barrel handcrafted ales to local restaurants.

Naked City Brewing – from Seattle, Washington
Don and Don run this three barrel DME system brewing exclusively for their Naked City Tap House.

Seven Brides Brewing – from Silverton, Oregon
This company is named after the founder’s seven combined daughters. Since they are eventually going to have to pay for seven weddings they figure they need to make at least enough money off this project to fund them. 

Steffan’s Aldergrove Brewery – Tulalip, Washington
This guy is brewing on a 1/3 barrel system (re: 10 gallons),  but he brews five days a week to make up for it. That reminds me of Dogfish Heads early days.

Vertigo Brewing – from Hillsboro, Oregon
Brewing on a one barrel system in a warehouse. Both are named Michael. That is eerily similar to our nanobrewery operation

White Birch Brewing – from Hookset, New Hampshire
Bill Herlicka runs this one barrel brewery.  Each batch is bottle conditioned and aged at the brewery. 

Wolf Hills Brewing – from Abingdon, Virginia
A one barrel brew system fermenting six barrels a week. You can stop by and fill up a growler if you like.

Woody’s Nanobrewery – from Reno, Nevada
Pat Wlodarczyk runs this small neighborhood nano recalling a time when brewing was done by a community or family.

Worth Brewing Co – from Northwood, Indiana

Brew on a 10 gallon Sabco system and fermenting in a 27 gallon conical. 

Planning a Nanobrewery:

510 Brewing – from Fremont, California
Looks like they are just getting into the game up in Fremont.

Chattahoochee Brewing Co – from Phoenix City, Alabama
Planning on re-establishing a historical brewery in Russell County Alabama. For now I think he is brewing small batches.

Clara St. Brewing – from San Francisco, California
Bioengineering researcher turned home brewer turned nanobrewery? Huzzah!

Enegren Brewing Co – from Los Angeles, California
Engineering student turned Nanobrewery. Christopher and Co

Gilligan’s Brewing Co – Seattle, Washington
Currently a closed nanobrewery, but they are looking for a new location up in Seattle in the near future.

Plan 9 Brewing – Las Vegas, Nevada
A 2 barrel system run by Steve Howe, he will be hopefully open by September 2010.

Pipeworks Brewing – from Chicago, Illinois
The partners in crime are currently overseas (I think?) working at a belgian brewery with aspirations to open a brewery in Chicago in the near-ish future. I’m not really sure if they are going to be nano or micro-sized.

Trillium Brewing – from Brookline, MA
Really dedicated homebrewer who operates a great blog and has aspirations to get into the brewing world soon.

Previously a Nanobrewery:

Great Crescent Brewery – from Aurora, Indiana
Started on a 3 barrel system and have since moved to a 9,000 square foot location that was previously a distillery. 

Heater|Allen Brewing – from McMinnville, Oregon
Specializing in lagers and other German and Czech-Style beers. 

Schooner Exact – from Seattle, Washington
Started as a nano but have recently expanded to a 10 barrel brew system.

Two Beers Brewing – from Seattle, Washington
They moved up to a 7 bbl system. Still they have an awesome website and are really nice guys.

*I’m going to define it as any brewing system 3 barrels or less.

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