20 Apr 2010

Major Laser.
The kegs arrived a few days ago from Plastic Kegs America. They come with some nice etching on the sides. I’m wondering whether I should spray paint a big “H” on the side just for kick however… Neon blue perhaps.
Plenty of Storage.
240 Gallons worth of keg space, also known as eight barrels. Do you think that will be enough for distribution? 
Light Weight.
21 lbs empty versus 29-31 lbs for an empty steel keg. That is a 28% reduction. They are quiet too, which is great, but bad news for my steel drum band side project.
The biggest issue I’ve heard of is that they are a little taller than a standard steel keg. Hopefully that will not be an issue.

Oh, and an Osprey Flew By…
5 Responses to Kegs Arrive!
  1. Nice guys! We ended up painting our Vertigo logo on the sides when a couple of them ended up at the local disty. We have had only a couple of times that the height became a problem. But it can be a real issue. Good luck to you!

    Mike Haines
    Vertigo Brewing

  2. Sweet, let us know how you guys like them. I think that is the route we are headed here fairly soon.

  3. Where did you get those kegs?

  4. Hey guys, really inspiring. Want to take the nano jump bad. I didn’t have the space until this dude called me up looking at my wacky FaceBook pics and said I can use his barn. I’d love to talk to you sometime and pick your brain, this is all very very impressive, the stuff you’re doing. Brew on, baby!
    Last Stop Brewing Co.

  5. Cliff,
    Shoot me a message whenever you like info AT hessbrewing.com.

    Mike H.


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