25 Mar 2010

The Tasting Area – Part 2

Baby on Board.
Luckily we had the brute strength of two lovely ladies and a baby to get this bar off of the truck. It was pretty darn heavy–probably 350 pounds +/- before the 360 pounds of concrete was even added! 
Melamine Forms.
Skillfully and calculatedly designed melamine forms to shape and transport the concrete countertop to San Diego from Redlands, CA. 
Fresh Concrete.
Five Man Job
The bar is finished, and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Not bad for our first attempt anyhow. I just have to add a few more coats of Buddy Rhodes to the concrete and it will be ship shape. 
2 Responses to The Tasting Area – Part 2
  1. Huzzah??? I think you mean–BIGGITY BAM SHAM!!!

  2. Looking good infront of the walk in cooler.


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