18 Mar 2010

Safety is our middle name.
I headed to my hometown of Redlands this weekend to build a bar (I mean “Tasting Area” for our followers at the ABC.) Luckily one of my oldest and best of friends happens to a be a skilled craftsman. Without him and the help of many of my other friends I don’t think we would have a bar as tough as this one. 


The bar is almost finished. We are going to be pouring a concrete counter top for it this weekend, letting it sit for seven days and then bringing it down to San Diego. I cannot wait to test this bad boy out!

3 Responses to The Bar – Part 1
  1. Those French builders really are the best…

  2. Very cool. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Are you guys using a colored concrete or stamp (like a big Hess emblem) or anything? Might give it a cooler and unique feel.

  3. Nice work on the bar top guys. Seeing it in person is pretty impressive! Great Work. Wanna build me an out door BBQ kitchen??



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