01 Mar 2010

We are going to be building our brewing structure up in the Bay Area with Mike’s brother this weekend. The kettles are being built down here in San Diego by a local stainless steel fabricator. Everything was designed by Mike, so hopefully it works!

I’m looking forward to checking out a couple of the breweries: Magnolia, Pacific Coast, 21st Amendment, Anchor, Speakeasy, Beach Chalet. And hopefully some Beer Bars: La Trappe, Toronado SF, Alembic. What are you favorite breweries and/or beer bars in Bay Area?

I’ll be posting pictures from our trip and the building process once we get back.

2 Responses to Brewing Structure.
  1. You definetely need to check out The City Beer Store! There are lots of great beer geeks to talk to there. In North beach I would also recommend The Church Key. Its fairly new and has a great selection. Also, Thirsty Bear is a nice, small scale brew pub to check out. Have fun!

  2. If you’re up in the bay area it would be a real shame if you didn’t drive up to Russian River. It would totally be worth the hour drive … considering they just brewed up a batch of Pliny the Younger!


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