10 Feb 2010

Very Van Gogh.

Now that we are fully approved by the state and feds to brew and sell beer it is a matter of getting label approval, which as it turns out is a bit of a process as well.  
There are a lot of rules and stipulations to having a label. I guess it makes sense though, I can’t tell people that drinking our beer will make you a better person (even though it does.) You also have to put certain legal things on there like “Brewed and Bottled/Packed by: ….” or “GOVERNMENT WARNING:”  
Here is pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about labeling malt beverages.

Presenting – B.A.M. Vol. 3

Chapter 1: Mandatory Label Information
Brand Name = Most obvious aspect of label and not misleading.

Chapter 2: Type Size and Legibility
Must be legible and appropriate for the size of container .

Minimum 2 mm for containers larger than ½ pint 
Minimum 1 mm for containers of ½ pint or less 

Chapter 3: Health Warning Statement
Required font size and spacing:

Over 3 liters (101 fl. oz.)                                                                  3 mm 
Over 237 ml (8 fl. oz.) to 3 liters (101 fl. oz.)                               2 mm 
237 ml or less                                                                                    1 mm 

Minimum Type                                      Maximum Characters 
Size Requirement                                  Per Inch 
1 mm                                                              40 
2 mm                                                              25 
3 mm                                                              12 

Chapter 4: Class and Type Designation
Rules about how you label the class and/or type of beverage

Chapter 5: Net Contents
For some reason you cannot label stuff as ounces, they have to be in pints, quarts and gallons. (over 12 oz at least.)

There is also the super E-Z label guide here

2 Responses to TTB Labels.
  1. I just wanted to post to say that what you are doing is a really great thing. This blog is a great resource for everyone who is thinking about going pro. Your posts really do a fine job of boiling it down to the details.

    Great job.


  2. I’d like to echo OutOfKey sentiments. Also diggin’ the Van Gogh-ish label.

    -The future Myers Craft Brewery (hopefully)


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