01 Feb 2010

Small Beer Manufacturer – Type 23


Pictured Above: Approval

We are finally licensed by both the State and the Federal Government. It took about six months of paperwork and dealing with some nice people; seriously, everyone we have talked with seemed happy to help (even if it sometimes took a couple weeks). We are now a legal craft brewery!

The only thing we have left to accomplish is getting approval from the Department of Environmental Health to serve beer in our warehouse/brewery. DEH!!! We’ve hit a bit of a snag there regarding whether we are a brewery or a wholesale foods manufacturer… I think we are a small beer manufacturer, no food here (except maybe in Ben’s office, ZING!) Hopefully we can remedy the situation ASAP and have you all in for a drink!
6 Responses to Small Beer Manufacturer – Type 23
  1. Congratulations guys! I’m in the process of doing the same thing here in Ohio and may need to pick your brain from time to time.


  2. Awesome! Any chance you’d take in an aspiring brewer for some pointers?

  3. Wow that’s great! Congrats! I have been gethering information on the very subject with the aspirations of opening one up here in Upland. Would love to hear your story…


  4. I shall be in SD in a month and am looking forward to checking you out!

    Question: You said it took 6 months for the type-23 license to come through. Does this mean you were renting your location for 6 months while waiting on the license?

  5. Would love to get some simple guidelines about how to go about obtaining this permit.

  6. hello Mike! We may be looking in San Diego to open a brewpub because, well, we love San Diego. Are you able to sell food with that license? or is that a different license? I was reading about it but seems a bit unclear. Thanks!


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