04 Feb 2010

First Licensed Brew Day!


Today we are brewing up our “Grazias Ale” it’s a style of our own invention – kind of a blend between a Vienna Lager and a Cream Ale – a Vienna Cream Ale if you will. Sure it doesn’t really conform to any BJCP style guidelines, but we think it’s a pretty great beer anyways! Pretty, pretty, pretty… pretty good.

Our friend Frank came out to help us today. Nothing like an extra hand to hold a leaky hose, wait… that didn’t sound right. I meant to say, there is nothing like a having an extra person around to assist in brewing.

It’s a pretty cool feeling to be brewing our first licensed (and taxable!) batch of beer. Now it’s only a matter of getting our kegs, pints, growlers, and DEH approval.

Here are some pics from the brew day:

Mike overseeing lautering – Look at the size of that kettle! It’s huge!

Mashed In, recirculating the wort.

Checking the gravity on the fly in our custom small sample wort chiller, fabricated by Hess brewing brother Greg, of
Sierra Graphics.

Mike sets up for single pass chilling to the conical with the Therminator
(thanks Blichmann)

(the other Mike) regulating wort to the Fermenator. 68* on the dot.
We are currently using a More Beer 2050 Tippy Brewing Sculpture, but we are in the process of having a custom 1.6 bbl system made. Until then we will be SUPER nano at only 2/3 of a barrel per batch.
3 Responses to First Licensed Brew Day!
  1. Can’t wait to drink some.

  2. I’m looking into buying a 1 bbl system. If you don’t mind me asking, I was wondering how much your custom 1.6 bbl system is going to cost you?

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