16 Feb 2010

Department of Environmental Health


We are resubmitting our Department of Environmental Health paperwork. Turning over a new leaf hopefully. Our initial submitted plan had us calling our brewing premise a “Wholesale Foods Processing Area” (Note: DO NOT DO THAT!) just call it the “Brewing Premise.”
I’ve heard from a few sources that the DEH is the toughest hurdle in opening a new brewery, so though we can legally sell to bars, it might be a little while until we can legally serve you a pint on premise. Not that I’d sell you one illegally.

Department of Health Requirements:
1. UP TO CODE: There is a very long and complicated list of requirements that your establishment needs to meet in order to serve the public.
2. 11″x17″ Copy of your floor plan / diagram / plat in triplicate.
3. Environmental Health Note: i.e. what is the impact of your facility / the construction of the facility.
4. Plumbing Layout: Exactly what it sounds like.
5. Equipment Schedule: Location, Manufacturer, Model #, Exterior Finish, Interior Finish, and Remarks. AND Equipment location (floor plan with numbered equipment layout corresponding to the equipment schedule)
6. Cut Sheets: Manufacturer cut sheets (diagrams) of equipment
7. HVAC Layout: Exactly what it sounds like.
8. Existing Finishes: Location, What the color, material, and description of: Walls, Floors, Ceiling, Casing, Baseboard, and Finish.
9. Site Plan: Everything around you, i.e. your street location, trash cans, storm drains, etc…
10. Various legal agreements if there are any with others around you.
3 Responses to Department of Environmental Health
  1. So, legally speaking, what about letting a visiting friend taste some samples?

  2. That would probably fall under the R&D category. Perfectly legal in my humble opinion.

  3. Thats awesome that you guys are officially up and running! I’m anxious to try some of your beers. Just out of curiosity how much have you spent so far just in legal, permit and license fees alone?


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