01 Dec 2009

I used to enjoy twitter, now I am a believer. It was through twitter I came across a listing on Craigslist for a walk-in cold room for cheap. It had fourteen tap handles (probably more than we’ll ever need, but extra space can’t hurt) and two glass door merchandisers. Really a prefect fit for our size of operation. Thanks so much @abeeraday for the heads up! 

I called up Iron King on a Monday to begin negotiations and figure out some logistics. We would probably need to rent a 26′ truck from Penske and get a car trailer for the ride back. Luckily our good friends came through and we were able to borrow a 12′ trailer + a full size pick-up.
He decided to take off some extra cash since we were going to drive out there and pick it up ourselves. So we began our 14 hour journey at 5:00AM on Friday.

Here are some pictures from the journey:

5:00 AM 
Don Quixote would love this place.
Raw Power.
Rising Up from the Ashes.
7th St, 11 AM.
Almost Full.
By the hair of our chinny chin chins.
Long Distance.
Getting Dark.

I’ll be sure to post picture from the build out and the completed cold room. Unfortunately it is going to take us a little long to get everything up since we just talked to the DEH on monday and it turns out we need to install a floor sink, a mop sink, and a hand washing sink. So that will put as at a total of 7 sinks in our small space. We will be sure to have clean hands and pint glasses though!

4 Responses to The Cold Room.
  1. Wow, what a good find!

    I like how you kept the Guinness tap handle attached even after you dissembled the cold room.

  2. Oh WOW, what a wonderful find…NICE.

  3. I remember seeing this craigs. @Ab_eer and I thought the buyer would automatically be a top 3 beer destination in PHX.

    Oh well, glad it went to a good cause. BTW, I’m a friend of Tom (@abeeraday)

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