26 Oct 2009

Look at our shelves.
A big mess of unfinished wood and hastily organized grain bags, growlers, carboys, and other items… including our beloved dart board that we will need to get rid of once we are selling (we cannot have “fun” stuff in the brewery since it makes it too much like a bar.) No more pool table or shuffle board either. Just brewery related items.
I decided that it was about time to fix our organizational problems and put a nice coat of paint on the shelves as well. The first order of action was sanding. Lots of sanding and filling in holes with painter’s putty. Lots of sanding.
Primed and ready for paint.

C-150 colored shelves.
Now I just need to devise a clever way to sort and store all of our grains while keeping plenty of room for other important stuff too.

Nice and Organized.
Carboys, Growlers, Malt & Specialty Grains. Now on to getting our Brewing System and Fermenters/Refrigeration Systems in a order. It’s quite a difference between the first photo and this one.

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