12 Sep 2009

Experimental Brewing Session #1

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This is our first of many “Experimental Brewing Sessions.”

Saturday brewing started at the crack of dawn today. 5:30AM and we had plans to brew an IPA split it into two batches and test two different yeast strands on it. In about three weeks we will be able to have a blind tasting of the two and see how they hold up against each other. We also wanted to brew a very BIG beer, we decided on a Rye Imperial Stout.
Pictued Above: IPA split in two batches, one with 1450 & the other 1968. Our second batch was a Rye Imperial Ale. This is going to be a heavy beer. Starting gravity of 1086, it should ferment down to about 10% ABV.
Pictured Above: The Mash Tun full of TONS of malts. 7 Different types!
Mike trying an erlenmeyer flask full of the Rye Imperial Stout.

I can tell you that it is going to be a very full flavored beer. It has seven types of grains from Chocolate to Pale. This will be a beer that we are going to want to age. We’ll likely put away 10 gallons and save it for our one or two year anniversary.

I’ll be sure to update you on their progress.


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