28 Aug 2009

This Storefront (is a figment of my imagination)


Imaginary Store Front.

This is my vision for a storefront in the near future. Since we are not on the street we are going to have to have a good amount of signage so people can actually find us in this industrial park. Once we finalize our logo and brand direction we can get a sign up there. I don’t know whether I should make it by hand or outsource it to a professional… or have one of my art student friends make it? Too many decisions.

Today it got pretty darn hot in this joint, up to 135 degrees on the bay door. I need to figure out a way to harness all of that power.

We had the guy from Culligan’s Water come in today to with our water test results and to talk about what kind of filtration system we are going to go with. Luckily our water is pretty good quality, not too hard and not too soft. It is a little bit salty though, which is odd but easy to correct.

We have a meeting with the Alcoholic Beverage Control on Monday. Hopefully all of our paperwork is in order and we can get licensed. After that only a couple more governmental agencies to work with and we can start brewing!

3 Responses to This Storefront (is a figment of my imagination)
  1. good luck Mikhael. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Nice. What is funny is that I know those buildings, my trainer used to be in them. I saw that you figure out some sort of heat exchanger for your HLT.

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